[Coral-List] Coral polyp identification (organism of uknown identity

Donald Potts potts at biology.ucsc.edu
Fri Jun 19 17:58:21 EDT 2009

Dear Diego,

This is almost certainly an Octocorallian polyp, although I can't take the 
identification to a lowewr taxonomic level. The internal structure seems 
to be well developed, so I would expect it to be attached to a solid 
substrate - either on the sea floor, or attached to floating algae, wood, 
plastic or other material.

The specimen is very well preserved, and the image is excellent. How large 
is it? and was the sample taken at the surface, in the water column, or on 
the bottom?


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> Hello List,
> During an oceanographic sampling (2006) this organism was collected in a 
> zooplaknton bongo net (30 cm mouth opening; 250 um mesh) on Gorgona 
> Island, Tropical Eastern Pacific (see link below). And yet we have not 
> been identified. Does anyone know if this could be a coral polyp or what 
> kind of organism is?
> If someone thinks that know what is, please send me an email to
> di8go11 at hotmail.com
> Link: http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h241/carlosgm/Polipo-Gorgona2006.jpg
> Thank you
> very much
> Diego Fernando Lozano-Cort?s
> Senior Biology Student
> Universidad del Valle
> Cali, Colombia (Southamerica)
> Coral Reef Ecology Research Group

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