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**The Marine Management Area Science Program (MMAS) at Conservation
International’s Center for Applied Biodiversity Science is designed to
conduct collaborative science projects that inform marine resource
conservation efforts in the world’s tropical nearshore environments.

 A core component of all our work is ensuring that the natural and social
science projects lead directly to conservation action at the global,
regional, national and local levels. This is done by working with partners
to tailor the research to address conservation goals, engaging specific
target audiences throughout the research, and providing useful deliverables
and follow-up activities. In addition to our research partners we are
working with NGOs, the private sector and government institutions to ensure
that science feeds into on-going site management efforts and the making of

By way of this message the MMAS program shares with the Coral List Serve
community a recent science deliverable: *Lessons on* *Connectivity and


This is a summary of significant findings presented within the Connectivity
Session at the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium in Ft. Lauderdale,
Florida in July 2008. This summary was prepared by Dr. Joshua Drew, in
collaboration with colleagues at Conservation International, The Nature
Conservancy and the World Wildlife Fund.

The CI-MMAS program hopes you find these *Lessons on* *Connectivity and
Conservation *helpful in your work and we would greatly appreciate your
feedback on the utility of these publications to you and others!!!!

Best regards -

*John J.Tschirky*

Director of Natural Sciences and Outreach

**CI/CABS/Marine Managed Areas Science Program*

***2011 Crystal Drive, Suite 500*

***Arlington**, VA 22202  USA**
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