[Coral-List] FW: EBM Tool Demonstration: Reef Resilience Toolkit by Stephanie Wear of The Nature Conservancy, July 29/30 at multiple times

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Interested persons can sign up as described below the announcement.


From: Sarah Carr [mailto:Sarah_Carr at natureserve.org] 
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To: Sarah Carr
Subject: EBM Tool Demonstration: Reef Resilience Toolkit by Stephanie Wear
of The Nature Conservancy, July 29/30 at multiple times


Indo-Pacific EBM practitioners, This webinar is being held during your work
hours as well, so please join us to learn about this important tool for
coral reef health!




***Please distribute far and wide, particularly to resource managers in
coral regions.***


The Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) Tools Network is very pleased to
announce that it will be hosting a demonstration of the Reef Resilience
Toolkit by Stephanie Wear of The Nature Conservancy at THREE separate times
on July 29/30 to accommodate practitioners in coral regions throughout the
world. Please register with the most appropriate link below.  There is a
separate registration link for each time, so please register for the time
that works best for you.


Description of the Reef Resilience Toolkit: The Reef Resilience Toolkit
provides coral reef managers with guidance on building resilience to climate
change into the design of MPAs and their daily management activities. The
Toolkit is divided into modules and includes guidance on management
strategies such as conserving fish spawning aggregations, MPA network
design, and developing coral reef monitoring programs. Each module begins
with introductory information defining a problem and providing background
about the system and issues. The Introduction is followed by sections that
provide specific guidelines on implementing resilience-based management. For
example, the introduction to the Coral Reefs module focuses on the problem
of climate change and coral bleaching, followed by guidance on how to design
MPAs and networks to anticipate climate change. This in turn is followed by
case studies demonstrating how managers are implementing these approaches.
To learn more, go to www.reefresilience.org/home.html.


Webinar #1:

July 29 at 7am US EDT

GMT 11:00 am

Nairobi, Kenya 2:00pm

Victoria, Seychelles 3:00pm

Colombo, Sri Lanka 4:30pm

Perth, Australia 7:00pm

Register at  <https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/782755361>


Webinar #2:

July 29 at 2pm US EDT

GMT 6:00pm

Honolulu, Hawaii 8:00am

Seattle, Washington 11:00am

Kingston, Jamaica 1:00pm 

Santiago, Dominican Republic 2:00pm

Register at  <https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/443665504>


Webinar #3:

July 29 at 8pm US EDT

GMT, July 30 Midnight (00:00)

Bali, Indonesia July 30 8:00am

Perth Australia, July 20 8:00am

Brisbane Australia July 30 10:00am

Guam, July 30 10:00am

Suva, Fiji July 30 Noon

Honolulu, Hawaii 2:00pm

Register at  <https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/391432472>



Notes about the webinars:

..         The webinar system will be enabled an hour prior to the start of
each webinar to allow users to test their systems.

..         You can use either your computer speakers (VoIP) or a conference
call to listen to the webinar.

..         For those who cannot make the webinars, a recording will be
available through the EBM Tools Network website at
www.ebmtools.org/tools_training/presentations.html a few days after the


If you have any other questions about the demonstration, please contact me
at  <mailto:sarah_carr at natureserve.org> sarah_carr at natureserve.org.  To sign
up for announcements of future EBM tool presentations or demonstrations,
sign up for EBM Tools Network updates at
<http://www.ebmtools.org/contact.html> www.ebmtools.org/contact.html.


Best wishes for your work,

Sarah Carr

Network Coordinator 
 <http://www.ebmtools.org> Ecosystem-Based Management Tools Network
Mailing address: NatureServe, 1101 Wilson Blvd, 15th Floor, Arlington, VA
Phone: 703.908.1892
Fax: 703.908.1917
E-mail:  <mailto:sarah_carr at natureserve.org> sarah_carr at natureserve.org

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