[Coral-List] Coral polyp identification (organism of unknown identity)

Diego Fernando Lozano Cortés di8go11 at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 26 19:18:12 EDT 2009

Donald you're right, until the identity of an organism must be treated as a hypothesis. Although several researchers have suggested that could be an octocoral. Recently Gustav Paulay wrote me the following “unlikely. The animal has 9 tentacles, not 8 (see small one also), and the tentacles are not pinnate. Octocorals have 8 tentacles and in the vast majority of species these are pinnate. Also octocorals are all colonial and I am not aware of any that do polyp bailout, but even then they would not have a pedal disk.”
PS: Shimrit (thanks), I will review the specie that you suggested me.

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