[Coral-List] NOAA Elevates Effectiveness in Addressing Threats to Coral Reefs

Kacky.Andrews Kacky.Andrews at noaa.gov
Mon Jun 29 13:01:12 EDT 2009

I am pleased to announce the release of NOAA’s Coral Reef Conservation 
Program Goals & Objectives 2010-2015 and the Coral Reef Conservation 
Program International Strategy 2010-2015. These documents provide 
strategic guidance on the CRCP’s priorities for FY 2010-2015. The 
documents can be found at the links below.

*Goals & Objectives*


*International Strategy*


The decline and loss of coral reefs has significant social, cultural, 
economic, and ecological impacts on people and communities in the U.S.. 
and around the world. However, with effective leadership and management, 
healthy reef ecosystems can continue to provide these valuable services 
to current and future generations.

In order to enhance effective leadership and management of coral reef 
ecosystems, the CRCP is narrowing the focus of its U.S. domestic 
activities and shifting resources to on-the-ground and in-the-water 
action. Our efforts will concentrate on understanding and addressing the 
top three recognized global threats to coral reef ecosystems: climate 
change impacts; fishing impacts, and impacts from land-based sources of 
pollution. The CRCP is also expanding its international presence through 
more active involvement in coral conservation efforts, primarily in the 
Pacific, Coral Triangle region, and Caribbean. These documents lay out a 
multi-disciplinary approach to coral reef conservation, including 
scientific research, monitoring, social science, communications, 
education, and capacity building.

The CRCP would like to thank the threat-based and international working 
groups, as well as those who provided input during the public comment 
period, for their contributions over the last several months. The 
commitment, time, and effort brought to this process are greatly 

The CRCP has worked with its suite of partners to identify specific 
goals and objectives for each of the three threat areas and for the 
international arena. The working groups were composed of a broad array 
of federal, state, territorial, and local government, academics, and 
non-governmental organization representatives. While these Goals and 
Objectives will guide the future direction of the CRCP, it is our hope 
that they will also be useful to other scientific and management 
organizations in their coral reef conservation work. To learn more about 
the process utilized to develop this report, visit 
http://coralreef.noaa.gov/wgroups/welcome.html My apologies for any 


Kacky Andrews
Program Manager
NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program

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