[Coral-List] Global Warming Theory (Douglas Fenner)

Eugene Shinn eshinn at marine.usf.edu
Mon Mar 2 12:15:44 EST 2009

Dear Doug, I was concerned about that group because I have heard so 
much about it. After reading your note I checked with a friend who is 
not an AGW and below  is what he sent me. Gene
This is the  Fred Seitz petition, formulated  to counter the "2000" 
scientists that Gore claimed to support his  stand many years ago. 
When his names were vetted , they turned out not to be very many 
physical scientists among them, rather there were hunters, fishermen, 
lawyers, psychologists,etc.  So Seitz set up his petition with 
qualifications, and if anyone wants to check the qualifications 
further, they should go to Who's Who, and list of university 
professors, etc.  The claim that some are hoaxes  comes only from 
those who may have purposely entered false information - there is no 
protection against that in the Seitz petition. But those same 
naysayers should remember, Seitz was  head of the National Academy of 
Sciences.  These names are  most likely 90% or more valid. the use of 
Oregon Institute was one of convenience at the time.  Last time I had 
checked that site there were only about 16,000 signatures. That 
amount has apparently doubled, and the AGW folks must be worried 
about that.Here is the home  site: 


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