[Coral-List] Global Warming Theory (Douglas Fenner)

David M. Lawrence dave at fuzzo.com
Mon Mar 2 14:21:02 EST 2009

Since when can a petition overrule the fundamental physics of the 
atmosphere?  More greenhouse gases in the atmosphere >> More solar heat 
trapped near the Earth's surface >> Feces occurs.  That much is simple, 
but the details -- What will specifically happen where? -- gets damned 
complicated damned quickly.  There may be benefits of AGW, but only a 
fool will bet that all, or most, of the effects will be good.

The debate (and petition) also ignores the benefits of taking steps to 
prevent AGW, such as reducing dependency on undependable allies, greater 
economic security by ending what Boone Pickens calls the "greatest 
transfer of wealth in history," etc., etc., etc.

Here's more on the petition itself: 

Note this excerpt:

"In the end, “valid” and signed petition cards were obtained from 31,072 
persons with degrees in the following fields: Earth science (3,697 
persons or 12% of the total); computer science and mathematics (903 or 
3%); physics and aerospace sciences (5,691 or 18%); chemistry (4,796 or 
15%); biology and agriculture (2,924 or 9%); medicine (3,069 or 10%); 
and engineering and general science (9,992 or 32%). The breakdown 
according to educational level was: PhD (9,021 or 29%); MS (6,961 or 
22%); MD and DVM (2,240 or 7%); and BS or equivalent (12,850 or 41%).5 
On his website Robinson fails to report the cross-tabulations of fields 
of expertise and levels of education for his petition respondents. For 
example, we aren’t told what percentage of the persons with Earth 
science expertise had Ph.D. degrees."


Eugene Shinn wrote:
> Dear Doug, I was concerned about that group because I have heard so 
> much about it. After reading your note I checked with a friend who is 
> not an AGW and below  is what he sent me. Gene
> -------------------------------------
> This is the  Fred Seitz petition, formulated  to counter the "2000" 
> scientists that Gore claimed to support his  stand many years ago. 
> When his names were vetted , they turned out not to be very many 
> physical scientists among them, rather there were hunters, fishermen, 
> lawyers, psychologists,etc.  So Seitz set up his petition with 
> qualifications, and if anyone wants to check the qualifications 
> further, they should go to Who's Who, and list of university 
> professors, etc.  The claim that some are hoaxes  comes only from 
> those who may have purposely entered false information - there is no 
> protection against that in the Seitz petition. But those same 
> naysayers should remember, Seitz was  head of the National Academy of 
> Sciences.  These names are  most likely 90% or more valid. the use of 
> Oregon Institute was one of convenience at the time.  Last time I had 
> checked that site there were only about 16,000 signatures. That 
> amount has apparently doubled, and the AGW folks must be worried 
> about that.Here is the home  site: 
> http://www.petitionproject.org/index.html

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