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The following have all produced basic or extensive lists of marine produce to eat and NOT to eat, based on internal research, FAO and other global research data:

Greenpeace International
The Ocean Project (www.theoceanproject.org), a Global Network of Marine Institutes, NGOs, conservation organizations, aquaria etc.
Nature Conservancy
Conservation International
Friends of the Earth International
World Wildlife Fund
Earth Island Institute
Sierra Club

All of these can be considered authoritative.

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The Waikiki Aquarium in conjunction with the Monterey Bay Aquarium SeaFood
Watch Program also produced a card for sustainable seafood pertinent to the
Hawaiian Islands and tropical Pacific back in 2005 I believe.

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FYI the Marine Conservation Society has issued a booklet on 'fish to eat
and fish not eat' and when that covers North Sea and Mediterranean
species. They include molluscs and crustaceans too.


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