[Coral-List] Global Warming Theory (Eugene Shinn)

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 6 15:56:46 EST 2009

The satirical reference in your most recent post is actually
quite revealing and would be even more humorous if not for
the fact that the anthropogenic climate change skeptics use 
the very same allegations alluded to in the satire in their more 
serious political strategies to demonize environmentalists.

Interesting isn't it, that the terms elitist, anti-capitalist,
believers in science as the gospel, and anti-family are epithets
commonly hurled in the direction of those who promote science based
environmental concerns.I never did understand many of these
characterizations. If having respect for science is a trait of an elitist,
then I assume that all coral-listers would qualify. The great economic 
opportunities that will be afforded by a shift to more green energy sources 
should automatically disqualify any proponent of AGW from being 
labeled as an anti-capatilist. 

The way that I see it, this should simply be
a vigorous scientific debate devoid of personal insults.

I believe that a sea change is coming and there now exists a political 
climate in this country in which this debate will be nurtured and encouraged. 
Let the chips fall where they may and let us rely on sound scientific data over
ideology to form our policies.    

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