[Coral-List] Global Warming Theory

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 9 16:39:43 EDT 2009

There are a couple of points worth mentioning in response to recent AGW posts.

     No fireworks here and little, if any, philosophical depth.

 It seems likely that most everyone concurs with the proposition that an
expansive analysis of the issues involved in anthropogenic climate change theory
would be beneficial to both the scientific community and the public at large. 
But, even after a vigorous and open discourse, one has to wonder which, if any view,
will ultimately prevail (see David M. Lawrence / David Appell.)

It might just hold that many individual perspectives on this topic are not subject to
the logical conclusions revered by science, but instead are directed by other political,
economic or theistic doctrines. This may very well explain the frustrations often 
experienced by proponents of AGW as they confront their skeptical friends. 
History reveals that these circumstances are in no way unique.

Perhaps there is also some misrepresentation of the views held by many who 
theorize that anthropogenic climate change is a reality. It is my understanding that
science is not asserting that humans are the primary drivers of all weather and climate.
Only that our contributions are growing in significance in the current regime and that 
the rate of climate change and the resulting repercussions are therefore
occurring at an unprecedented and unnatural rate. 

The reference to Hutton and Wegener’s theories and the resulting controversy is interesting as well. 
In this bizarro world of reversed images, we both seem to be taking the position of the oppressed
neo-theorist, confronting the status quo. This polarization reveals the intensity and defensive
nature which both experience when confronting their adversaries with their firmly held convictions. 

I would hope that scientists and others would never feel threatened to involve themselves in debate. 
To the contrary, it seems that if anything, the atmosphere is now more open to polemics.

Any scientist that on this day feels pressure to conform their views to political ideology 
must be having flashbacks to a previous time and place.

 Some are wondering . . are we headed into a period of craziness once again? 
   Others are pondering the hope that we have finally left it behind.    

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