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Clive Wilkinson clive.wilkinson at rrrc.org.au
Fri Mar 13 00:36:35 EDT 2009

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Can you please help by providing good case studies on how effective
catchment management has improved conservation of downstream coral
The UNEP GPA group (on Land based sources of pollution), RRRC (Reef and
Rainforest Research Centre) and the GCRMN (Global Coral Reef Monitoring
Network) are developing a short book for coastal managers 'Effective
Catchment Management and Coral Reef Conservation: Best Practice Case
Studies' (tentative title). 
The main target will be managers in developing countries; thus the book
will be written for people with English as a 2nd language. We have found
that good case studies are excellent to illustrate how to implement
effective management. 
Each case study will be a short 2 page spread with about 400 - 800 words
and 1 or 2 figures: What was the problem? What was done? How successful
has it been? Lessons learned and recommendations; References; Author
We would like case studies from around the world - do you have a good
case study or know of one that we could use? Each author will be cited
in full and receive copies for distribution. All copies will be handed
out free, especially in developing countries. 
Please help 
Clive Wilkinson, David Souter and Stefan Hain" 


Clive Wilkinson, Global Coordinator

Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network

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