[Coral-List] American Samoa Governor Initiates Hybrid Vehicle Policy

Jeremy Goldberg jeremy.goldberg at doc.as
Mon Mar 23 16:59:56 EDT 2009

Hello all,

Governor Togiola, in a March 11, 2009 General Memorandum, has
implemented a new vehicle purchasing policy for the American Samoa
government which includes a step-by-step purchasing framework designed
to increase the usage of hybrid and electric vehicles.  This policy
builds upon the Governor's own purchase of a hybrid vehicle earlier in
the year and is in conjunction with the objectives of the Coral Reef
Advisory Group's climate change local action strategy.

Please see the press release below, and feel free to circulate it to
any interested news agencies or other lists.

All the best,

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Gov. Togiola implements Hybrid Vehicle Purchasing Policy

(UTULEI) – Governor Togiola Tulafono recently issued a General
Memorandum to ensure that American Samoa Government (ASG) departments
and agencies immediately implement his Executive Order on Climate

Governor Togiola said the Executive Order mandates that all
departments and agencies take definitive measures to ameliorate short
and long term effects of climate change. The commitments made are
extensive and will require vigilance on the part of all ASG
departments and agencies to implement.

Governor Togiola, in a March 11, 2009 General Memorandum, has issued a
new ASG vehicle purchasing policy, which includes a step-by-step
purchasing framework. The new policy, according to Governor Togiola,
will help to reduce not only American Samoa’s greenhouse gas emissions
which contribute to global climate change, but also the Territory’s
annual operating costs.

“Over the course of a single vehicle’s lifetime, a hybrid vehicle will
save more than $17,000 in fuel expenses alone when compared to a Heavy
Truck,” said Governor Togiola. “This does not take into account the
financial savings related to cheaper maintenance or the added capital
savings from purchasing a cheaper car in the first place.

Governor Togiola said the most practical and beneficial means to
reduce local greenhouse gas emissions and operational cost is to
transition as many trucks to hybrid vehicles as possible.

“This issue is a priority. I have taken the lead by purchasing and
utilizing a hybrid vehicle for my transportation. It is necessary for
all the responsible departments and agencies to follow through with
the mandates of the Executive Order if we are to have an impact on
fighting climate change,” said Governor Togiola.

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