[Coral-List] Searching for specific studies

Caroline Kull caroline at whiteshark.ch
Thu Mar 26 11:40:11 EDT 2009

I am searching for academic studies which have been done recently on the following subject and wondering if you could help me finding these.
My subject is the following:
I want to find out why there are coral reefs that have more and other reefs with less algae cover especially when reefs are very close to each other. I am looking at the reefs on St Eustatius but I don't think there has been any studies done on this topic on this island. So the range would be the Caribbean. I know this topic is a very complex one and that I am not going to find one answer but probably several ones.

Thanks for your help in advance
Kind regards
Caroline Kull
Marine Park intern 
St. Eustatius National Parks
Netherland Antilles

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