[Coral-List] Caribbean Acropora spp. and Scientific Research

Sarah Heberling Sarah.Heberling at noaa.gov
Thu Mar 26 12:26:45 EDT 2009

Thanks your response, Todd.  In my posting, I wanted only to clarify 
that the listing of these two Caribbean coral species as threatened 
under the U.S. Endangered Species Act does not, in most circumstances, 
add an _additional_ permitting hurdle to researchers wishing to conduct 
scientific research on either /Acropora/ species. 


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Todd Barber wrote:
> Hi Sarah,
> Even the permits required today are too difficult/costly and involve 
> an enormous amount of un-necessary tracking/paperwork to be practical 
> for those of us working regularly with A. palmata and A. cervicornis.  
> Reef Ball Foundation has successfully worked in hundreds of projects 
> with these species in countries around the world...but we almost never 
> do so in US or US territorial waters....(an exception being some early 
> scientific work in Puerto Rico).
> In most countries...we simply get a blanket permit for our 
> organization and volunteers as supervised by our experts and then can 
> use our field judgement on a case by case basis....in this country 
> that's just not possible. Perhaps it is something to consider?
> Thanks,
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