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Chris Jeffrey chris.jeffrey at noaa.gov
Fri May 1 14:40:56 EDT 2009

*Deep-Sea Coral GIS Analyst / Data Manager*

Consolidated Safety Services (CSS), Inc. is seeking to hire a GIS 
Analyst to work at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 
(NOAA), National Ocean Service's (NOS) Center for Coastal Monitoring and 
Assessment-Biogeography Branch (BB) in Silver Spring, MD. The successful 
candidate will provide support for data analysis and product development 
for the Coral Reef Conservation Program's (CRCP) Deep-Sea Coral Program.

 The GIS Analyst will also serve as a liaison among the CRCP, regional 
offices and centers, extramural partners, and CRCP sponsored scientists 
with regards to data reporting, data archival, and product development. 
In addition, the GIS Analyst will be expected to develop geostatistical 
tools to analyze spatial data and to develop products that characterize 
patterns in the spatial distribution of deep-sea coral and sponge 


§  Develop and apply spatial models and scripts for pattern analysis

§  Use outputs from spatial models and pattern analysis to develop maps 
and related web-based analytical products to convey patterns of ocean 
resources and human uses to diverse audiences.

§  Create GIS maps of deep-sea coral and sponge locations for use in the 
Report to Congress and to inform NMFS/Fishery Management Councils and 
Sanctuaries, or other NOAA regional management units.

§  Collaborate with NMFS, Fishery Management Council staff, and other 
partners to obtain data and map the spatial patterns of current and 
historical fishing intensity based on the use of bottom-tending fishing 
gears and reports of bycatch of corals and sponges from fisheries and 
other identified data sets.

§  Develop spatial analyses and assessment products that integrate 
information on the distribution of deep-sea corals and sponges, current 
EFH designations, and potential interactions with fisheries.

Required Qualifications:*

* */Education:/

·         *Bachelors Degree and 3 or more years work experience *in the 
one of following disciplines: biological sciences, oceanography, 
geography, information technology.

* *
/Skills or expertise:/

·         Ability to conduct geospatial characterizations, assessments, 
or other GIS-related analyses.

·         Broad knowledge of the structure and function of marine 
ecosystems and ecological principles.

·         Working knowledge and use of GIS principles, technology, 
terminology, and methods.

·         Working knowledge of Microsoft Access, Excel, ArcGIS, and 

·         Ability to identify, obtain, integrate, and synthesize 
geospatial data into appropriate products.

·         Ability to develop an organized structure for managing and 
archiving geospatial data.

·         Ability to work independently and with attention to detail, 
while also working collaboratively with a team of diverse experts to 
achieve common goals.

·         Strong oral and written communication skills.

·         Working knowledge of geospatial statistics (i.e. deriving 
means and variances of landscape metric; conducting hypothesis testing 
through linear regressions and ANOVAs).

·         Ability to manage time successfully, given varying competing 
demands and short deadlines on multiple projects.

*Preferred Education / Skills:*

·         Advanced degree in biological sciences, oceanography, 
geography, information technology, or related discipline.

·         Experience with the design of geodatabases.

·         Experience with coordinating and conducting marine research 
and managing multidisciplinary data sets.

·         Experience with writing and editing technical and scientific 
reports and manuscripts.

To Apply:*
Please submit a cover letter, resume, and required salary to 
spjobs at consolidatedsafety.com <mailto:spjobs at consolidatedsafety.com>. 

*This is not a federal position. * *The successful candidate will work 
full-time under a Consolidated Safety Services, Inc. (CSS) contract. 
*CSS, Inc.'s benefits for full-time employees includes Medical/Dental 
Insurance, Disability and Life Insurance, 401K, and Employee Stock 
Ownership Plans (ESOPs).

Chris Jeffrey (CJ)

Christopher F.G. Jeffrey, Ph.D
Marine Ecologist (Biogeogrography Branch)

On-Site Contract Manager (Consolidated Safety Services, Inc.)

Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment
National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science

Mailing Address:
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Ocean Service
1305 East-West Hwy, SSMC-4, N/SCI-1, #9213
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3281

301.713.3028 x-134 (Tel)
301.713.4384 (Fax)



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