[Coral-List] Fossil Reefs and Sea Level Rise

Eugene Shinn eshinn at marine.usf.edu
Tue May 5 12:14:34 EDT 2009

Paul, What you found in Mexico is also true for the Florida Keys and 
many other parts of the Caribbean.  Sea level rise happened 
everywhere at the same time, (stage 5e) regardless which dating 
method is used. The unappreciated point is, there were no SUVs or 
coal fired power plants during stage 5e roughly 120,000 years ago. 
There is little reason to suspect it won't happen again (as it did 
throughout the Pleistocene) with or without cap and trade, solar 
panels, windmills, ethanol, and Co2 sequestration. I think you will 
agree the truth is in the rocks, i.e., the ones that used to be coral 
reefs. Gene

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