[Coral-List] [campam] Cayman Islands Lionfish Update

Tupper, Mark (WorldFish) M.Tupper at CGIAR.ORG
Wed May 6 06:08:06 EDT 2009

Lionfish have been one of the more popular species in marine aquaria for a long time, as well as being exploited for food in a few places, but I've never heard of any noticeable declines in their populations, even where locally harvested for the aquarium trade. I rather doubt that any kind of removal program would have much effect.

As far as I know, their major predators are large groupers and other lionfish. There are definitely fewer large grouper species in the tropical west Atlantic than the Indo-Pacific, and there is the question of whether any predator in the Atlantic would find them palatable. What are the predators of scorpionfish in the Atlantic, if any? They might also be able to prey on lionfish. I suppose one could hope that lionfish numbers in the Caribbean might reach an equilibrium if their cannibalism rate eventually equals their recruitment rate, but who knows what sort of population density would be needed for that to happen...

Mark Tupper

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I agree with John that the creature is probably here to stay. However, people who have researched its life-history, natural distribution and ecology could tell us if there is some weak point at which it might be susceptible for control, or could enhance attempts to capture them. But it's hard to imagine that divers with nets and spears can do the job: not enough divers and too many less accessible reefs.


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Dear Colleagues, instead of developing a protocol to  assess
impact of lionfish on small fish populations,  It seems to me that we should  invest
some energy  into  developing a protocol  to efficiently eradicate it ASAP, so
we do not have to assess their impact in small fish populations.  




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Subject: Re: [campam] Cayman Islands Lionfish Update 



John -- I agree, and I thought that someone at NOAA or RSMAS 

announced some time back that there was an established reporting 


bruce potter

At 9:44 AM -0500 5/4/09, John Ogden wrote:

>Thinking back to the Diadema mass mortality of 1983-84 and the

>opportunities that were missed because of poor communications across the

>region, now would be a very good time to use our superb and ubiquitous

>communications to set up a coordinated observation network to see what

>is the impact of lionfish on populations of small reef fishes. It

>appears that this idea could be trumped by well-meaning but ultimately

>futile attempts to remove them. Who doubts that they are here to stay? 

>It would be best we anticipate the future of Caribbean reefs with

>lionfish and try to get some data to help get our minds around this.


>Cheers all.


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>> Subject: [GCFINET] Cayman Islands Lionfish Update




>> This message was originally submitted by Bradley Johnson

>> [mailto:Bradley.Johnson at gov.ky]
to GCFINet.


>> Hi all,




>> As of 30th April 2009 we have caught 90 lionfish! This includes the 2

>> in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman in 2008 and 3 live specimens. They

>> been caught in water ranging from 3' down to 110', on all sides of the

>> islands, and in all habitats.




>> By island we have:


>> Grand Cayman - 44;


>> Cayman Brac - 8;


>> Little Cayman - 38.




>> Cayman Brac was hit by Hurricane Paloma in November and sustained

>> damage to the Island, including their dive operations. The sightings
have so

>> far been primarily from divers, so with practically no diving in the
Brac we

>> are getting fewer reports of lionfish from there. We assume this will

>> increase once the dive operations reopen.




>> We have licensed approximately 163 divers to remove lionfish for us

>> 130 in Grand, 3 in the Brac, and 30 in LC. We will increase the number

>> licensed divers in the Brac once they get more dive staff back.






>> Bradley C. Johnson

>> Research Officer

>> Department of Environment

>> Cayman Islands Government

>> PO Box 486

>> Grand Cayman KY1-1106


>> 345-949-8469 Office

>> 345-244-4168 Direct

>> 345-949-4020 Fax


>> Website www.doe.ky




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