[Coral-List] Control of lionfish

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Will and Mark,
My question was a little leading- do you suppose that the lack of this elaborate/extensive refuge habitat may somehow be facilitating the success/spread of this invader and its eventual impact, particularly on artisanal reef-fisheries?
To rephrase Mark's observations- a tractor can't corner rabbits against a cattle fence.

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> Not usually. I mostly see lionfish hunting along overhangs
> and caves in the forereef or reef wall. They use their
> pectoral fins in a "herding" technique to trap
> small fish. I think this works best along wider surfaces
> than most branching corals would provide.
> Mark Tupper
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> Regarding those stressed reefs, do lionfish hunt among the
> branching coral (staghorn-type) thickets on their native
> reefs? 
> Andrew


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