[Coral-List] Fossil Reefs and Sea Level Rise

Jim Hendee Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov
Fri May 8 12:10:13 EDT 2009

My apologies to Gene and the rest of coral-list for letting this go
through.  I admit I didn't read it (one of the rare times when I trusted
such a flame wouldn't happen), so the blame is on me.

Please, folks, if you don't agree with someone, disagree with the
POSITION or the ARGUMENT, without flaming the person!  Like, what makes
you so right and someone else so wrong?  Only the science will tell, and
then theoretically we're all on the same side! 

Sheesh, how irritating...


James Cervino PhD. wrote:
> Dear Paul- You are correct! However, what is being over looked by the deniers is
> that the CO2 source strength is increasing and the sink strength is decreasing.
> You will never get them to respect the "biological and mechanistic significance
> of sink sources" They think the answers are in the rocks, when in-fact that are
> associated with the biota "skin" and rocks on the planet. They don't see the
> world with vibrant primary producers, as they view the world as a sort of
> physical conveyor belt with rocks and an ammonium rich ocean that can operate
> just fine without the aerobs role as a significant player in controlling
> atmospheric CO2.
> Gene is happy living in a planet with Thermopiles!
> Cheers-James
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> Quoting Paul Blanchon <blanchons at gmail.com>:
> * Hi Gene,
> * Your logic escapes me on that one. The question clearly isn't 'has rapid
> * climate change occurred in the past'... it obviously has. The question is
> * 'what is causing global warming now' .... and could it lead to irreversible
> * consequences if we sit by and do nothing.
> *
> * Multiple lines of evidence clearly show that present global warming is the
> * result of burning fossil fuels, and that continuing to pump greenhouse gases
> * into the atmosphere will raise global temperatures to levels not seen during
> * even the warmest of past interglacials. That rapid jumps in sea level likely
> * occurred during these interglacials shows what we might be in for. But the
> * argument for doing something is based solely on our responsibility to right
> * what is wrong. We don't have the right to mess things up for future
> * generations.
> * Saludos,
> * Paul.
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