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Isn't it amazing what we can do and say using statistics meant to clarify our world?  If we add another test to his list of four . . . let's see . . . Maybe "God is dead."  Then the probability of all five statements being true becomes only 17%.  Let's think up another one . . . hmmmmmm . . . "Global climate change is affecting the polar regions more than equatorial."  Then the probability that all are right becomes only 12%.  Another?  "Coastal areas will be more affected by sea level rise than will mountain ranges."  That reduces the probability of all being right to 8%.  What a tool!  My eyes are opened!

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>Here is another example of the efforts
>being put forth by the well organized
>and financed AGW skeptics.This op-ed piece
>appeared today in the Atlanta Journal.
>I believe that it asserts as fact many misconceptions.
>Unless those of you in the scientific community
>are willing to counter attack, these views will 
>prevail in the court of public opinion.
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