[Coral-List] Seeking Marine Park Manager for Saba

Paul Hoetjes phoetjes at gmail.com
Tue May 19 11:34:46 EDT 2009

Great job opportunity on the small but beautiful island of Saba, in the 
northeastern Caribbean.
Please contact Saba Conservation Foundation directly via address 
provided below.
Apologies for cross posting.

The Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF), a nonprofit nature management 
organization based in Saba, Netherlands Antilles is seeking a National 
Parks Manager to manage the Saba National Marine Park plus a land park. 
The SCF has five full time staff to support field, operational and 
administrative aspects of the organization. The incumbent will be 
responsible for the overall management of the organization, staff and 
its functions.


*Organization Management*

- Institutional Development: Responsible for overall integrity of the 
organization: Preparation of budgets, action plans, and work programs; 
manages and supervises staff and volunteers, financial management and 
reporting, compliance and development of SCF Manual Procedures, 
Implementation of Strategic Planning, compliance and development of 
nature legislation and national park management plans.
- Fundraising, Grant writing, Income Generation: Responsible for all 
fundraising and grant writing from established sources, manage donor 
relations, strengthen income generating capacity to collect user fees, 
promote souvenir sales and develop new income generating g opportunities.

*Supervision and Compliance*

- Operational management: Oversees all aspects of pa ark operational 
activities including maintenance of SCF assets (boat, truck, moorings, 
machine, compressors, scuba gear, decompression chamber etc) staff and 
budgetary m management.
- Legislation: Monitoring, Compliance and Inputting Responsible to 
ensure compliance with h existing nature legislation reports on 
violations and proposes new rules/legislation.
- Marketing and Public Relations: Responsible for managing stakeholder 
relations (especially island government and local NGOs) promoting the 
organization and its objectives, maintaining website and all public 
information, providing and developing, user Information for national parks.
- Education and Awareness: Supervises education and awareness program to 
stimulate public awareness and education campaigns on major 
environmental issues, in particular issues related to protected areas 
and species.
- Project Design a and Execution: Supervises the design and execution of 
all projects in accordance with Project Management procedures. Reports 
to the Board on project progress.
- Hyperbaric Chamber: Serves as technical and safety director of the 
Saba Hyperbaric Facility (SHF) and is responsible for compliance with 
DAN safety standards, supervision of facility maintenance and staff/ 
volunteer training. Training provided.

*Technical Management*

- Monitoring, Data Collection and Analysis (quality control): Oversees 
monitoring programs in accordance with monitoring procedures and 
protocols, supervises collection of relevant data on status and use of 
indicated habitats within Park boundaries. Interprets data to support 
proposals for policy interventions or amendments, increase public 
awareness, use in public reports, etc.
- Database: Maintains a database for Parks management on key indicators.
- Research: Responsible for prioritizing research needs In accordance 
with partners, arrange resourcing for research, determine relevance of 
research requests for organization, assess logistical requirements, 
prepare research frameworks (MoU or TOR) and inform all stakeholders, 
supervision of researchers/ consultants, ensure all regulations are 
compiled with and permission granted by authorities as relevant.


- Reports to the Board on all issues pertaining to SCF management and 
stakeholder relations. Responsible for all reporting obligations to 
donors and stakeholders.
- Represents the SCF on the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance Board (DCNA) 
and at regional conferences, meetings and forums.


- Seven + years of organizational management experience preferably with 
nature management, national park or related organization.
- Masters degree in marine biology, coastal management, natural sciences 
or related environmental sciences.
- Advanced diving experience. Some commercial diving experience an 
- Technical skills in boat handling, navigation and marine protocols.
- Strong understanding of project management methodologies, tools and 
best practices.
- Strong Communication skills (written and oral), fluency In English. 
Dutch an advantage.
- Advanced knowledge of management, organization or operational procedures
- Experience with use of decompression chamber an advantage Training 
- Experience working in small island states also an advantage.

Please send resume and cover letter to:
Johanna van’t Hof (Chairperson),
Saba Conservation Foundation,
PO Box 18, The Bottom, Saba,
Netherlands Antilles.
Or e-mail to johanna at julianas-hotel.com .
Closing date: June 30th 2009.
Only short listed candidates will be contacted.
Please review website www.sabapark.org. See also www.dcnanature.org

Paul C. Hoetjes
Senior Policy Advisor
Department of Environment & Nature (MINA)
Ministry of Public Health & Social Development (VSO)
Schouwburgweg 26 (APNA building)
Netherlands Antilles
tel. +(599-9)466-9307; fax: +(599-9)461-0254
e-mail: paul at mina.vomil.an
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