[Coral-List] REPLY FOR Jose in Colombia, LIONFISH info.

Katherine Cure katherine.cure at gmail.com
Wed May 27 20:55:57 EDT 2009

Dear Jose,

  I misplaced your email to write back directly, so I am doing it via
  the list.
  Yes, lionfish are certainly moving quickly and they are here to stay.
  Many initiatives are being undertaken, not precisely to remove them
  but rather to control their population numbers, mainly through
  education of the population
  on how to capture and consume them. I haven't really tried them
  myself, but apparently they
  are very yummy!
  It is very sad to know they are in Santa Marta, where my first diving
  as young girl
  happened. Perhaps you can come up with some strategies yourself and
  help change the popular
  saying, "del mar el mero y de la tierra el carnero" for something like
  "prueba la carne del leon que te da fuerza como el tiburon".
  If you can send me your email I can attach some information on capture and
cooking for you. You
  should also read my
  article in El Heraldo, the local newspaper in Barranquilla.


  Let me know if you need anything else,

Katherine Cure
Field Coordinator/Coral Reef Researcher
Oceanic Society
Blackbird Caye, Belize
T: (501) 220-4256

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