[Coral-List] disease of Diadema mexicanum

Juan José Alvarado juanalva76 at yahoo.com
Fri May 29 12:43:19 EDT 2009

Dear colleagues:

Does anyone have information or experience with diseases of echinoids,
especially those of the genus Diadema?. During my last field trip
(yesterday) I found that individuals of various populations of Diadema
mexicanum in the coast of Oaxaca Mexico (reef communities separated several
kilometers from each other) look as if they were ill: the urchins are
loosing the spines, which first start to lose color at the tips, and
apparently they finally die,because I observed a high quantity of spines all
around the area and bare testes, also in a number I have not seen before.
I have been monitoring the reef communities of the zone and so far I have
observed the "disease" in three of them, what is more in one locality, which
used to be the more crowded with D. mexicanum now is completely urchinless.
I hope someone could contact me and help with information about this event.

Best regards

Francisco Benitez

"All animal phyla are unique, but some are more unique than others"
(Nichols, 1976) "The uniqueness of echinoderms"

Dr. Francisco Benitez Villalobos (PhD)
Reproducción y Biologia Larvaria de Equinodermos
Universidad del Mar
Km 1.5 Carretera a Zipolite
Puerto Angel, Oaxaca, Mexico
C.P. 70902
Tel. 01(958) 5843057 EXT. 111

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