[Coral-List] PAM fluorometer question

shashank Keshavmurthy iamshanky15 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 3 07:36:39 EST 2009

Dear listers..

This question was posted on April 4th 2007 on this list by Jeremy Sofonia

below is the excerpt,
"My colleagues and I are currently preparing to use PAM - chlorophyll  
fluorometry as a method of detecting potential sub-lethal affects to  
Scleractinian corals.  In this, we may have up to 300 individual  
colonies across multiple locations........

- Can anyone who is familiar with in situ PAM assessment provide a  
suggestion on typical time requirements for dark adaptation?
- Is dark adaptation a requirement or can other levels of YIELD still  
provide an good indication of photosynthesis, fluorescence, and/ or  
coral stress?............"
I would like to know if anyone answered this question of this original poster?
Especially on the query that," Is dark adaptation a requirement or any other levels of yield can still provide an good indication of photosynthesis?

It would be a great help I could get answer to this question....I browsed the archives of Coral-List, but could not find the answer to this post or may be I missed it!!! or it may be that the original poster got the answer sent personally.....
Thank  you for your time and help
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