[Coral-List] Climate Change perceptions

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Dear listers,

As for me I believe the climate is changing and everyone on this list has a
noble purpose to supports good science to make the planet a better place.  
The science certainly shows the planet has CC problems but solutions seem to
be questionable.  The big question is what to do about CC??

However, there may be many that support the CC science but don't support the
UN FCCC as a solution that will have a positive effect on CC.  


Has Anyone Read the Copenhagen Agreement (Treaty)?




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Dear Gene,

The IPCC has one of the most rigorous review process I have ever

There are various stages of review.  The first round involves the
working groups picking over the text (hundreds of eyes and opinions). If
you have been involved in this process, it is a quite an experience
taking months and years- involving a lot of haggling over detail - but
always using the peer-reviewed literature as the base. 

When this is complete, then the documents are sent to signatory
governments for review.  Leading scientists from each of the countries
pick over the details.  And after this, the documents are placed for
open comment (on the web). At this point, any government, industry,
science group, special interest group, or individual is invited for
comment, recommend amendments etc.  At each of these points, the lead
and contributing authors are required to respond to each comment or
suggestion in a precise fashion, however correct or off-the-wall they
may be. The responses from the specialists are independently reviewed to
ensure that the documents have been amended or the
comment/suggestion/objection refuted scientifically (ie with
peer-reviewed literature). Just as insight - I had to respond to 87
comments on a relatively small contribution to the Australian and NZ
chapters within working group 2 of the AR4 IPCC report in 2007.  

At the end of the day, I don't think you could have a more rigorous
process.  The only problem is that this somewhat rigorous process ends
up conservative (e.g. failure to predict the dramatic decline of Arctic
sea ice).  

That may be its only flaw. 



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Does anyone know if the IPCC reports were peer reviewed? and if so by 
whom? Gene

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