[Coral-List] NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program Launches new web site

Jon Corsiglia Jon.Corsiglia at noaa.gov
Thu Nov 5 16:47:49 EST 2009

I'm pleased to announce the newly redesigned web site for the NOAA Coral 
Reef Conservation Program is now live.

The redesigned site is focused first and foremost on coral ecosystems.. 
You'll find greatly expanded content areas dedicated to bringing to life 
the value of coral ecosystems—and conserving them—to humans and the 
global environment. New resources and products—such as expanded 
information on coral biology, values, threats, and conservation 
techniques; a deep-sea coral section; more current news about coral 
conservation; and new resources for students and teachers—have been 
added to the site.

By spreading the word about this new site you'll be helping us in our 
effort to inform, inspire and engage individuals in communities 
throughout reef regions and across the globe

As with all new web sites, there are still a few bugs we're resolving.. 
We would greatly appreciate hearing your feedback about the site. 
Coral.Webmaster at noaa.gov

The site will be updated often with fresh, multimedia-rich content and 
expanded information on existing topics. We also have plans in the 
short-term to add even more videos, additional photos and graphics, and 
social media.

Please take your new CRCP web site out for a spin: http://coralreef.noaa.gov

thanks again. please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Best, Jon

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