[Coral-List] OCEAN & Google Earth Research Posting Opportunity

Sadie sadiewadd at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 17:47:33 EST 2009

Hi Coral List Members:

I'm looking for contributions to post inspiring Marine information -
research, educational, outreach - to the google oceans layer. Please read on
if you would like to contribute:

The Deep Search Foundation was created by Sylvia Earl to promote
the exploration and protection of our ocean. To do this we have formed a
partnership with Google, Inc., and we are working with researchers,
academics and educators globally to post current knowledge and research onto
the OCEAN layer in Google Earth. This project isn't limited to the deep sea
- we're also covering coastlines, wetlands, marshes, etc.

Please email me if you would like to learn how our wiki-style posting system
works. Once your research is posted you would be sharing your work on a
global scale - perhaps a good way to get others interested, fulfill an
educational component to a grant or even obtain future funding! You will be
able to edit your work as new discoveries are made and upload new
images/videos as technologies improve.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Deep Search Foundation

E: sadiewadd at gmail.com
C: 415.264.3810
Skype: SadieWadd
(GMT -8 Pacific Time)

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