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In July 2010, Queen's University in Belfast will host the 2010 Fisheries Society of the British Isles Annual International Symposium, which this year will examine Fish and Climate Change.
Convened by Chris Harrod (QUB) and David Sims (Marine Biological Association), the meeting is also supported by the American Fisheries Society and the Japanese Society of Fisheries Scientists.

The meeting (www.fsbi.org.uk/2010)will run between 23-30 July 2010. It aims to maximise interactions between fish biologists of all disciplines and backgrounds who are interested in climate change.
Rather than splitting fishes by salinity-habitats, the meeting will examine the influence of climate change on fish at different levels of biological organisation. Sessions will be organised to examine the role of climate change on the biology of fish at the genetic, cellular, individual, population, community and ecosystem levels. As such, we envisage this to be a meeting where a wide variety of fish biologists (e.g. ecologists, fisheries biologists, physiologists and geneticists) can meet to present and discuss the issues of climate change effects on fish so as to develop a synthesis across scales and levels of biological organisation. We also hope it will help foster new collaborations that further progress the field of Fish and Climate Change. We have an outstanding set of invited speakers, including John Magnuson (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Keith Brander (ICES), Malcolm Elliott (Freshwater Biological Association), Hans Pörtner (Alfred Wegner Institute) and Nils Christian Stenseth (University of Oslo).

We would be extremely happy to welcome your submissions as either oral or poster presentations (abstract deadline 30 November 2009).
See www.fsbi.org.uk/2010 for conference details and http://www.paceprojects..co.uk/fsbi2010-abstract.htm for abstract submission.

All contributors will be invited to submit a manuscript that will be considered for publication in an issue of the Journal of Fish Biology (the FSBI journal), which will be published in December 2010.
NB: all manuscripts will be subjected to the normal Journal peer review process. The language of the conference and manuscripts will be English.

Deadline for the submission of abstracts 30 November 2009
Deadline for the submission of manuscripts 1 March 2010
Final manuscripts to be submitted online to the editor 16 July 2010
Symposium 26-30 July 2010

We look forward to welcoming you to Belfast!

All the best

The FSBI 2010 Organising Committee

p.s. please forward to interested colleagues/students etc.

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