[Coral-List] Survey manual for tropical marine resources

fidelfisch fidelfisch at gmx.de
Thu Nov 19 12:11:10 EST 2009

Dear Coral-List,
I'm writing my diploma thesis on coral reef ecology of the Red Sea and 
in a lot of references I've found the work "Survey manual for tropical 
marine resources" by S English, C Wilkinson, V Baker. Unfortunately I 
have no access via Internet or the local library to this document. 
Neither it is possible to receive post via snail mail to here. So I was 
wondering if somebody knows where I can get an electronic copy (e.g. 
Many thanks in advance for any help.



Christian Jessen
RSEC - Red Sea Environmental Centre

c/o Extra Divers Worldwide
Radisson BLU Resort
Safaga Road
El Quseir

mobil:  +20 12 83 66 938
mail: christian.jessen at gmx.de

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