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Sherry Frazier p.eques at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 23 14:19:15 EST 2009

A woman reader in defense of the men- I don't know that women are more caring and compassionate about the planet or anything else for that matter- but women certainly tend to respond differently.  I am a woman in marine science/research- most of the classes I took and research projects have been made up of 90% women, including scientific diving-
the men I have encountered in the field are dedicated and passionate about the work, but if you look around- banking used to be a man's world, now you rarely see a man in the bank, or the post office, more and more so in the medical field, and so on- more women are going to college, and involved in the work force. Many professional fields have opened up to women that were previously a "man's world".
I think it may be more a sign of the times than that men just dont care.
I agree about the sweeping generalizations about gender- I too grew up in Louisiana hunting and fishing with 5 brothers- I have 3 sons that I now take hunting and fishing- all of whom are very interested in marine conservation and participate in volunteer work-
John Ruthven- references to the sea as feminine may come from the mystery & beauty of the sea, and that early seaman and explorers were men?
Sherry Frazier
Scientific Diver/ Ocean and Coastal Resources


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