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I think the 'About Coral-List' page is fine overall. However, clearly, some
of the most important impacts the list have involved people without specific
scientific training providing information that formally-trained researchers
need to know and vice-versa. Of course, all involved in those transactions
are being researchers (including scientists) in a broad sense. However, we
might consider changing "coral health researchers and scientists" to
"researchers and others interested in coral reef health". Note that 'coral
reef health' is appropriately a bit more inclusive than 'coral health'. I am
quite happy to see the participation of many reef managers, diving guides,
recreational divers and others in the discussions, and see them as adding
greatly to progress in the science and management of coral reefs.

However, I agree with Gene that straying more than a day or two off of coral
reef topics is something to minimize. 



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    Yes, we occasionally "lose our way" in our various discussions on 
Coral-List, but we also sort of form a club of thoughts and actions as 
we evolve.  Here again was/is the original vision, as we close in on 
6,000 members:


    We can always re-write that page if it is more in concert with 
today's issues.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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