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Melissa K. Demetrikopoulos, Ph.D. mdemetr at biophi.org
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Gene and Jim,
Thanks for hopfully ending that thread! 
I would like to say that I do appreciate that the coral list does occasionally wander into the educational offerings as well since I think these are directly tied to the research. While these are a bit tangental to the original intent, I believe that they are appropriate to the list. I wonder if there would be any thoughts to officially adding to the official list of topics such that the last item could be "educational endeavors related to the above topics". This would just broaden some of the other topics already listed such as the symposium and college courses. 
Happy Thanksgiving,

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When the Coral-List began it was intended as a way for scientists to 
communicate with other scientists. What happened? Its now Sea Angels, 
Mermaids, politics, and advertisements for coral management (social 
engineering) jobs. What ever happened to coral reef research? Can't 
we get back to science and away from all this moralizing? Gene

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Subject: [Coral-List] About Coral-List
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 Yes, we occasionally "lose our way" in our various discussions on 
Coral-List, but we also sort of form a club of thoughts and actions as 
we evolve. Here again was/is the original vision, as we close in on 
6,000 members:


 We can always re-write that page if it is more in concert with 
today's issues.

 Happy Thanksgiving!


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