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Discussing the research isn't what happened, though.  In an email or two it
had devolved to "men kill; women nurture", a trope which I would hope
everyone agrees is patently ridiculous and which was appropriately called
out.  I am glad the intersection of science and politics will continue to be
discussed here, but that particular thread was off the rails.

Carry on,

On Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 11:32 AM, David M. Lawrence <dave at fuzzo.com> wrote:

> We could just get back to "science" if science operated in vacuum.  It
> doesn't.  It is a social endeavor, a human endeavor, and the reasons why
> we do science is as important as how we do it and what questions we ask.
>  For some, coral research may be merely an academic enterprise.  For
> others, it might be they love an excuse for being at sea.  For still
> others, they may be passionately concerned with the fate (and
> management) of one of the Earth's most fascinating ecosystems.
> The "why" bits spill out into ways that people of differing genders view
> the world -- or have been taught to view the world.  For instance, I
> believe there is research to the effect that men tend to be more
> reductionist, whereas women tend to be more holistic in how they view
> environmental systems.  These differences affect how the research is
> done, how the results are interpreted, and how the information obtained
> is used to manage limited resources.
> And questions of opportunities granted to aspiring researchers in a
> field are always relevant.
> Later,
> Dave
> Eugene Shinn wrote:
> > When the Coral-List began it was intended as a way for scientists to
> > communicate with other scientists. What happened? Its now Sea Angels,
> > Mermaids, politics, and advertisements for coral management (social
> > engineering) jobs. What ever happened to coral reef research? Can't
> > we get back to science and away from all this moralizing? Gene
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