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Hi Stephanie,

Every reef site is different physically (e.g. wave energy, sediment resuspension and movement) and biologically (e.g. framework structure, community structure, dominant morphologies and disturbances). Therefore each site will most likely have a different acceptable threshold.

However, a few good review papers include (there are many more out there!):

Pastorok, R.A. and G.R. Bilyard, Effects of sewage pollution on coral-reef communities. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 1985. 21: p. 175-189.

Rogers, C.S., Responses of coral reef organisms to sedimentation. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 1990. 62: p. 185-202.

Fabricius, K., Effects of terrestrial runoff on the ecology of corals and coral reefs: a review and synthesis. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 2005. 50: p. 125-146.

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   1. Sediment and nutrient thresholds for coral (Stephanie Pendergrass)


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Hello Coral List,

I am seeking a few good references for papers about what levels of sediments, N, P, etc, in the water on a reef negatively affect coral health/recruitment.  Are there any widely-accepted thresholds (such as, you want to have less than 10mg/L of sediment, or N, in the water, etc)?  I know it's a big topic.  Thanks for any guidance!


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