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In response to Eugene Shinn's contribution I would like to point out to what level the GW vs AGW war has sunk!

The AGW vs GW camps are each debating the scientific rigor of the other camp in providing proofs.

an environmentalist trained in mathematics I find the last twenty years
of science to have been invaded by pseudo-religion like thinking
coupled to appealing to cheap sentiments.

Right now as
mathematician I see the proofs making the case for GW outweigh those
for AGW, both in volume and in scope and in terms of quality of
scientific work.

According to some recent figures there are some
250,000 non-governmental organizations around the world dealing with
major environmental issues, nearly all of them dealing with either
biodiversity or climate change or both.

fields require wading through vast amounts of reports to keep current
and in most cases we assume the reports to be based on good science.

from scientists either in the academe or in government agencies around
the world these organizations are the principal consumers of reports
and those together with the scientific community are responsible for
digesting and regurgitating the information in piecemeal chunks for the
general public.

Freedom of speech
and expression are not be confused with the practice of science, where
we deal in absolute truths (proofs), hypotheses and theories based on
rigid methods for observation, deduction and reproducible proofs.

realm of science is real, tangible and does not lend itself to
"reality-TV" interpretations of the real world, where perceptions and
dictated behaviors are presented to the viewers as reality.

AGW camp is presenting a "reality TV" view of science to the world,
with the perceptions and dictated behaviors orchestrated by those who
have vested interest in such.

But unlike the makers of reality
TV programming, the AGW camp is bent on not providing entertainment but
the rights of vested interests to damage the livelihoods and existence
of hundreds of millions around the world, in particular in coastal
zones and in island states.

But now the AGW camp has reached an all-time low in their endeavors to prove the GW scientists to be a conniving set of doomsday scenario promoters.

The email server of the Climate Research Institute in the UK was hacked and thousands of emails used "out of context" according to the scientists, owners of the email accounts.

See the following links;

Based on the illegally intercepted emails the AGW camp is now saying:
Hacked E-Mail Data Prompts Calls for Changes in Climate Research (http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/28/science/earth/28hack.html)
In this heated debate the AGW is now violating three of most sacred of imperatives in the practice
of good science, being (1)  the moral imperative to promote the practice of
science to the betterment not the detriment of humanity, (2) violate scientists'  privacy to get at information to use out of context to slander them and discredit their theories, (3) undermining the essence of science that all must be based on proofs, which are verifiable truths, not lies and innuendo.

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Coral Listers will be interested in this latest run up to Copenhagen. 

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