[Coral-List] Reefs at Risk requests information on coral bleaching since 1998

Katie Reytar KReytar at wri.org
Mon Nov 30 11:21:18 EST 2009

Dear Coral List,
The Reefs at Risk Revisited project (see reefsatrisk.wri.org
<http://reefsatrisk.wri.org> ) is currently building up a map of recent
past bleaching events (1997 to present) to give some indication of
factors likely to have impacted current reef condition. To develop this
map, we are hoping to combine past bleaching observations with past
temperature anomalies, as represented by degree heating weeks (DHWs). We
are aware that the past bleaching records from ReefBase and Reef Check
are an incomplete picture, so we are looking for additional point
locations of known bleaching events with which we could improve this
layer. A priority is to obtain data to fill the gaps that are apparent
in the map, which can be viewed and downloaded at this link:
The map shows the ReefBase and Reef Check bleaching observations since
1997 ranked by severity, where low is 1 to 10% bleached, medium is 10 to
30% bleached, and high is > 30% bleached.
Please provide additional observations of coral bleaching from late 1997
/ 1998 to present, including the following information - 
- year of observation (can be multiple years)
- country
- name of location
- latitude (as detailed as possible)
- longitude (as detailed as possible)
- severity of coral bleaching (high, medium, low, as defined above)
Thank you for your help! 
Please send this information to 
Katie Reytar or Lauretta Burke at WRI
kreytar at wri.org
lauretta at wri.org
Thanks much,
Lauretta Burke
Senior Associate
World Resources Institute
10 G St. NE, Washington, DC 20002
+1 (202) 729 7774
+1 (202) 729 7798 (fax)
www.reefsatrisk.wri.org <http://www.reefsatrisk.wri.org/>  

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