[Coral-List] About Coral List rewrite

John Bruno jbruno at unc.edu
Mon Nov 30 12:34:04 EST 2009

> Eugene Shinn wrote:
>> Jim, The US constitution is being rewritten almost everyday so I
>> guess its is ok to rewrite the purposes of the coral-list. Under the
>> heading  "Appropriate coral reef ecosystem-related subjects" I see
>> that what we used to call science is now called "subjects"
>> Of the 20 bulleted topics I see only one uses the word science. But
>> its your call.  Gene

Note the irony that the gentleman who argued that an especially cool  
afternoon in Key West negates the enormous body of evidence  
documenting the century long, global trend of ocean and terrestrial  
warming is complaining about unscientific posts.

Also note, the US Constitution has not be amended or "rewritten" since  

John Bruno
Associate Professor
UNC Chapel Hill

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