[Coral-List] coral disease in india

thinesh thina.sathesh at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 08:56:27 EDT 2009

Dear Listers,                 This is thinesh from india , i am doing coral
disease research in indian reef , In indian reef i have found that BBD is
being spread vastly in my study area. spreading ration is being 3cm per
            I have peeled of the black band mat from the affected coral,
under the mocroscope i found that  cyanobacteria,which  belongs to
synechocystis sp.

              I am writing to request members of the list server with
experience in working on coral reef diseases from other parts of the world
to kindly help me in refining and further analysing my work. i would
appreciate all possible advice and suggestions. thanking you

Ph.D.Research schalar

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