[Coral-List] integrity index paper request

Stephen Jameson sjameson at coralseas.com
Tue Oct 6 22:24:59 EDT 2009

Dear Angelica,

You might also be interested in the following papers that you can download
at <www.coralseas.com>.

Jameson SC (2006) Summary of Mini-Symposium 4-2, Diagnostic Monitoring and
Assessment of Coral Reefs: Studies from Around the World. Proc 10th Intl
Coral Reef Symposium, Okinawa, Japan, pp 1087-1089

Jameson SC, Kelty RA (2004) A review of indicators of land-based pollution
stress on coral reefs. Joint EPA/NOAA/USGS/DOI Workshop on Assessing
Pollution Stress on Coral Reefs, Honolulu, Hawaii (2004), NOAA, Silver
Spring, MD, 77 pp
Jameson SC, Karr JR, Potts KW (2003) A classification system for the
diagnostic monitoring and assessment of coral reefs. USEPA, Office of Water,
Washington, DC, 27 pp
Jameson SC, Karr JR, Potts KW (2003) Establishing reference conditions for
the diagnostic monitoring and assessment of coral reefs. USEPA, Office of
Water, Washington, DC, 44 pp

Jameson SC, Cummings RL, Chansang H (2002) Monitoring and assessment of
coral reefs: studies from around the world. In: Best BA, Pomeroy RS, Balboa
CM (eds) Implications for coral reef management and policy: relevant
findings from the 9th Intl Coral Reef Symp: Bali, Indonesia, USAID,
Washington, DC, pp. 95-98

Jameson SC, Erdmann MV, Karr JR, Potts KW (2001) Charting a course toward
diagnostic monitoring: A continuing review of coral reef attributes and a
research strategy for creating coral reef indexes of biotic integrity.  Bull
Mar Sci 69(2):701-744

Jameson SC, Ammar MSA, Saadalla E, Mostafa HM, Riegl B (1999) A coral damage
index and its application to diving sites in the Egyptian Red Sea.  Special
Issue on The Science of Coral Reef Management, Coral Reefs 18(4):333-339

Jameson SC, Erdmann MV, Gibson Jr GR, Potts KW (1998) Development of
biological criteria for coral reef ecosystem assessment.  Atoll Res Bull,
September 1998, No. 450, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, 102 pp

Best regards,

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On 10/2/09 9:52 AM, "Angélica Batista" <baaatichica at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Dear coral list members,
> I'm very interested in bioindicators indices, the use of multimetric index in
> conservaction and ecosystem integrity index. I will be very grateful if you
> assist me with obtaining a pdf of the following paper:
> Quantifying the condition of Hawaiian coral reefs
> Ku'ulei S. Rodgers, Paul L. Jokiel, Christopher E. Bird, Eric K. Brown
> Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems
> Cheers,
> Angelica Ma. Batista-Morales
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