[Coral-List] meeting session: Physical Processes on Coral Reefs and Their Role in Reef Dynamics

Curt Storlazzi cstorlazzi at usgs.gov
Wed Oct 7 20:17:45 EDT 2009

Dear colleagues:

We would like to draw your attention to a meeting session on:

Physical Processes on Coral Reefs and Their Role in Reef Dynamics

at the 15th Ocean Sciences Meeting, which will be held 22-26  
February, 2010, in Portland, Oregon.  The theme of this meeting is,  
“From Observation to Prediction in the 21st Century”. Please visit  
the conference website for more information: http://www.agu.org/ 

We are really excited and honored to have four wonderful keynote  
speakers start off our session:

Kristen Davis (WHOI), James Falter (Univ. Western Australia), Amatzia  
Genin (Hebrew Univ.), and Mark Merrifield (Univ. Hawaii)

Aim and Scope of this Session, PO11:
This session is devoted to our understanding of physical and  
hydrodynamic processes in coral reef systems and their role in the  
biogeochemical dynamics, ecology, and health of coral reefs. Papers  
are invited that deal with the physical and biological zonation of  
reefs, and the boundary zones/layers, that exist in coral reef  
systems due to reef topography, roughness, tides, waves, wind,  
thermohaline, and other environmental forcing. We are especially  
interested in transport processes on reefs and their role in ecology  
and sediment dynamics. Presentations are welcome that concern small  
and large scale processes and their control of water flow,  
turbulence, diffusion, zonation, and patchiness in reefs. Summaries  
of current regional investigations, site-specific studies, and  
modeling results are all encouraged.

Abstract Deadline: 15 October at 23:59 EDT
Please submit your abstract to Session PO11 via the web form: http:// 

Registration for the meeting is open until January 20, 2010.
If you know of anyone who might be interested who might not receive  
this notice, please feel free to pass it along.  We are very excited  
about this session, and look forward to your participation.  If you  
have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  We hope to see  
you in Portland!

Clifford J. Hearn, Working Science Consultancies, St Petersburg, FL  
(clifford_hearn at yahoo.com)

Stephen G. Monismith, Stanford University, Stanford, CA  
(monismith at stanford.edu)

Curt Storlazzi, US Geological Survey, Pacific Science Center, Santa  
Cruz, CA (cstorlazzi at usgs.gov)

Curt Storlazzi, Ph.D.
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