[Coral-List] a) New conservation funding board; b) Looking to profile coral conservation research

Robert Goldstein conservationmaven at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 15:47:42 EDT 2009


I wanted to let folks know that a few of us are trying to build a funding
board for conservation grant opportunities (including ocean conservation /
research). It's very new and mostly US-based at this point but we're hoping
to expand this substantially. If you know any ocean conservation / research
grants you think I should add to the board, please email me and let me know:

Funding Board:  http://conservationmaven.com/funding-board/

Also, we're developing a resource for conservation practitioners in which
we're profiling new conservation studies each day to keep people connected
with important research. Here's a couple of examples of coral reef
conservation studies we've recently profiled:

Improving water quality may help corals resist climate change:

Study finds reef fish diversity reduces coral disease:

If you're a scientist working on coral reef conservation research, please
contact me if you would like your research profiled on the site.  We'll
probably follow-up with some questions to help us with our summary. Please
note the following guidelines: 1) We're looking to profile very current
research (i.e. within two months of publication). 2) We're looking to
profile research that has wide and compelling applicability to conservation
practice or that is otherwise groundbreaking.


Rob Goldstein

conservationmaven at gmail.com

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