[Coral-List] PhD position - ontogeny of coral-algal symbioses

Mary Alice Coffroth coffroth at buffalo.edu
Thu Oct 8 14:27:42 EDT 2009

A PhD position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Mary Alice Coffroth

Description: The PhD student will contribute to an NSF-funded project 
that focuses on the ontogenic change in cnidarian-algal symbioses from a 
genomic and ecologic perspective. The overall aim of this project is to 
identify the mechanisms and selective processes that lead to the final 
assemblage of symbionts harbored by adult hosts.  Specifically, the 
student will participate in studies to determine (1) if different 
/Symbiodinium /strains differentially affect fitness of corals as the 
adult settles into a mature symbiosis (2) if competition among symbionts 
or environmental conditions contribute to the final host-symbiont 
pairing and (3) how host/symbiont transcriptomes varying as the symbiont 
community within a host is winnowed to the final assemblage found in the 
adult host. 

The student would begin her/his studies in September 2010, but will be 
encouraged to join the lab over the summer and participate in coral 
spawning in August 2010

Candidate Experience: Candidates for this position should have a strong 
interest in symbiotic relationships, ecology and evolution.  
Qualifications specifically sought are students with a background in 
photophysiology and/or experience in molecular methods including 
knowledge of bioinformatics and microarray analysis. SCUBA certification 
is beneficial but not required. Periodic field trips to our study sites 
in Florida and/or Mexico will occur throughout the year, thus a passport 
is necessary.

For consideration, please send a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and a 
statement of research experience that explains your background and 
specific interests in the project to Coffroth at buffalo.edu 
<mailto:Coffroth at buffalo.edu>

NOTE: The selected student is expected to enroll in the Graduate Program 
in Evolution, Ecology and Behavior at the University at Buffalo for Fall 
2010.  Additional information about policies and entrance requirements 
pertaining to university admission are found at: 


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