[Coral-List] Photographing Disturbance on Cozumel Reefs

Myfanwy Rowlands mrowlan1 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 10:13:16 EDT 2009

Dear Coral List Members,
I am part of a photography team that will be traveling to Cozumel, Mexico at
the end of this month.  We're hoping to document the conservation threats to
Cozumel's reefs.  Our work will be presented at WILD9 in November (

If anyone on the list has significant experience diving in Cozumel and could
offer advice or diving recommendations, please get in touch with me!

We're looking for locations that:

1. Present significant signs of human disturbance (pollution, damage,
traffic, etc.)
2. Are in pristine condition or as near as
3. Are affected negatively by natural causes (disease, over-predation, heavy
algal cover not due to human pollution)
4. Are home to unique or endemic species.

Thanks very much!

Myfanwy Rowlands
2009 North American Rolex Scholar
email: mrowlan1 at gmail.com
Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society

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