[Coral-List] Unusual coral bleaching on the coast of south‐east Iranian Baluchistan

Reza Shokri shokri.mr at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 01:55:48 EDT 2009

Dear coral listers,

I ‘d like to inform you of an unusual bleaching I observed in Chahbahar Bay,
on the coast of south‐east Iranian Baluchistan, Oman Sea. I call this as
unusual bleaching because all bleached corals were of massive Favia, to some
extant Porites and Montastrea species and some soft coral. Non of newly
relocated (6 months) and transplanted Acropora and *Pocillopora** *corals
were bleached. I am wondering why stress-toleartor corals were bleached
while non of ruderals corals were not.

Best regards,


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