[Coral-List] functions of soft sediment?

Danielle Jayewardene danielle.jayewardene at noaa.gov
Wed Oct 14 16:58:56 EDT 2009

Dear coral-list members,

Do you have evidence/information on the functions and services 
(biological-, geochemical-, physical) of marine soft sediment/sand 
habitat? If so I would love to hear about this.

I wish to compile such information for my Habitat Conservation Division 
of the NOAA Fisheries, Pacific Islands Regional Office in Honolulu, so 
we may assess from a management and ecosystem perspective whether 
impacts to sand bottom (within, adjacent and even away from reef 
systems) need to be better regulated in the Pacific Islands.

Examples of sand bottom functions might be for habitat, movement 
corridors, feeding, recycling of nutrients/detoxification of pollutants, 
physical buffers, and/or for fisheries/marine mammals/sea birds through 
trophic links (e.g. consumers feeding on organisms that in turn feed on 
soft sediment invertebrates).

Many thanks for your attention!

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