[Coral-List] Assistant needed for filming Coral Sea deep-sea expedition

Gert Wörheide woerheide at lmu.de
Fri Oct 16 03:42:20 EDT 2009

Hello listers,

we seek an individual to join a marine science research expedition  
starting at the 30th of November 2009 from Townsville, Australia.

The person is expected to be a regular and skilled diver and to have  
some experience in filming and sound recording on professional film  
equipment (HDcam) not only underwater.

Time on board is paid but unfortunately no wages and travel expenses  
can be covered at this time (further details on personal communication).

It is an opportunity to take part in an expedition to some remote and  
exciting places (and depths: we operate a ROV that is set for 1000m  
dives) off the Great Barrier Reef and in the Coral Sea and join our  
effort to realize an ambitious movie project on marine science and  
coral reef conservation.
See <www.deepdownunder.de> for more details.

Please send your CV including your dive record and a medical  
examination not older than 6 months and write a few lines describing  
your scientific and/or film-making record  (as one pdf-file) to:

<expedition at gektidis.de>

Please do not reply to the list.

The lucky individual will be notified at the beginning of November 2009.
First come first serve.

Dr. Marcos Gektidis

+49 163 255 6718

we invented the mini35 - free your DV

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