[Coral-List] Update on Cnidaria/Symbiodinium EST databases

Shini Sunagawa biochemistry at gmx.de
Fri Oct 16 13:59:54 EDT 2009

Hi there,

We released new EST assemblies for the corals Montastraea faveolata
and Acropora palmata, now counting 11,611 and 14,647 unique sequences,

The data are available at: http://sequoia.ucmerced.edu/SymBioSys/index.php

Furthermore, AiptasiaBase now includes a new assembly (AiptasiaBase_v2),
which is a hybrid assembly of Sanger and 454 data.

Take a look here: http://aiptasia.cs.vassar.edu/AiptasiaBase/index.php

We hope these data will be useful for the growing cnidaria/Symbiodinium
genomics community!

Shinichi Sunagawa, Jodi Schwarz, and Mónica Medina

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