[Coral-List] Historical data study extending timelines for Asset Monitoring.

Bancroft, Kevin Kevin.Bancroft at dec.wa.gov.au
Thu Oct 22 04:07:17 EDT 2009

Hello fellow Listers,

Historical data study extending timelines for Asset Monitoring.

In order to assess historical knowledge (e.g. of coral reef, finfish, seagrass, filterfeeder communities) typically of condition (but also pressure or management response), to inform the establishment of a long-term monitoring program, we will examine appropriate historical datasets to identify and prioritise the value of the data.  This will ensure the preservation of value in the historical data.

I am putting this request to you, to ask whether you have knowledge on procedures or a frameworks for sorting and amalgamating data from past disparate studies.  I imagine the process would include a method for prioritising the datasets on their relative robustness and suitability etc...

Any information or reference that may assist me would be appreciated.
Thanking you in advance

Kevin Bancroft

Research Scientist (Marine Biodiversity Patterns)

Marine Science Program

Science Division, Department of Environment and Conservation

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