[Coral-List] Free Lecture and Panel Discussion on Coral Conservation

Eric Borneman eborneman at uh.edu
Mon Oct 26 09:51:34 EDT 2009

Free Lecture and Panel Discussion on Coral Conservation

When: November 12, 6:30 p.m.
Where: National Zoo Visitor Center Auditorium

Coral, one of the world’s biological treasures, is at risk worldwide.  
Colonies that have flourished for thousands of years are dying because  
of environmental damage, destructive fishing practices such as  
dynamite fishing and bottom trawling, pollution, and global warming.

This important program will be hosted by acting Zoo director Steve  
Monfort. The distinguished panel includes experts working on all  
aspects of coral conservation.

·       Mary Hagedorn, from the Zoo, will discuss her latest research  
on creating a frozen repository of endangered coral.
·       Mike Henley, from the Zoo’s Invertebrate Exhibit, will discuss  
his work growing endangered coral at the Zoo.
·       Eric Borneman, from the University of Houston, will outline  
some of the global and local threats to coral.
·       Mitch Carl, from Henry Doorly Zoo, will discuss how he has  
grown and distributed thousands of specimens of endangered elkhorn  
·       Jennifer Moore, from the National Marine Fisheries Service and  
head of the Endangered Species Task Force for Coral, will discuss the  
latest plans for coral protection and restoration.
·       Dirk Peterson, from the Rotterdam Zoo, will discuss the  
formation and work of the coral consortium SECORE (Sexual Coral  
·       Christine Hicks, of Counterpart International, will discuss  
efforts to save coral throughout the Caribbean.
·       Ken Nedimyer, of the Coral Restoration Foundation, will  
discuss how he created his staghorn coral nursery in the Florida Keys.

6:30 – 8 p.m.            Lecture

8 – 9 p.m.            Grab a drink from the cash bar and enjoy  
complimentary cheese and crackers. Mingle with scientists and  
international conservation leaders from Belize, the Netherlands, Fiji,  
Jamaica, Virgin Islands, and the United States including Puerto Rico,  
and learn about the Zoo’s coral collection and research from volunteer  

Parking is free, but we encourage you to take public transportation to  
the Zoo.
This lecture is sponsored by NOAA, Counterpart International, and the  
Smithsonian Institution.

RSVP fonz_programs at si.edu

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