[Coral-List] Coral reef time-lapse photo project

david arnold northwester at comcast.net
Mon Oct 26 10:49:29 EDT 2009

Greetings from Boston, USA. I have created a non-profit global climate  
photo exhibit that exploits then-and-now glacier comparisons. For  
early benchmarks I used the extraordinary aerial photographs of  
Bradford Washburn (huge, crispy negatives), then I returned to the  
same altitudes to re-shoot the pictures with black and white large  
format film. See www.doublexposure.net.
	I would like to expand the project to reefs (for a great example,  
google Phil Dustan and the Carysfort Reef). I need high quality reef  
landscape photos in color that can be significantly enlarged. The  
negatives should be old enough to reflect the coral world as it was.  
Obviously I need to be able to find the sites and replicate angles,  
which will be no easy task. Not a scientist, I am aware that coral  
degradation is more complicated than ice.  No one intends to make any  
money here; the message is my mission. Please send any suggestions to  
me, David Arnold, at northwester at comcast.net 

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